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Sustainable Supply Chains Expert


Background & General Description

SAIL Ventures (“SAIL”) is a boutique investment advisory firm based in the Netherlands and focused on generating sustainable returns over the long-term for its clients and investors (

SAIL is the Investment Advisor for the &Green Fund ( which has a mission to catalyze scalable investments into environmentally & socially sustainable commodity production, that is directly or indirectly linked to forest protection, within tropical forest regions. The open-ended Fund currently has USD 127 million of capital committed. The investor base is a mix of public and private sector institutional contributors, with the Norwegian government and Unilever Group as anchor investors.

SAIL’s role as Investment Advisor includes originating, structuring and executing on all transactions for the Fund, and then monitoring the Fund’s portfolio of investments. Furthermore, SAIL is responsible for all capital raising together with the Board of Directors and supports the Board in managing the governance structure of the fund – including service providers - and all investor relations.

Beyond &Green, SAIL is looking into a few other opportunities to raise funds for climate change investments globally, whether in support of an institutional client specifically or as a stand-alone facility or fund.

SAIL is currently looking to hire a Sustainable Supply Chains Expert. The candidate will complement Sail’s existing E&S and supply chain capabilities, working in an integrative way with the entire SAIL investment team. The supply chain expert will work in a deal team assessing various opportunities, providing E&S and operational assessments of the client, but also supporting portfolio management for SAIL once an investment has been made.

This supply chain expert will be responsible for working directly with potential clients in shaping an approach to maximize environmental impact and social inclusion in the projects and landscapes being financed. She/he will also help to shape the strategy for impact for the &Green fund and beyond, for other SAIL mandates.

Key tasks

  • Co-design with the client plausible Theories of Change, landscape-level environmental protection plans and MRV strategies holding clients accountable to environmental impact, social inclusion and sustainable production deliverables relative to &Green’s KPI framework.

  • Support environmental, social and governance risk assessments of potential supply chain clients against SAIl’s criteria and relevant international standards, such as IFC Performance standards, the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and for Responsible Soy (RTRS) criteria.

  • Researching and assessing the environmental impact potential of various geographies, supply chains and industries to drive the investment strategy for a particular country or region.

  • Procurement and management of specialist consultants during Due Diligence and monitoring; coordination between NGOs and development agencies and clients.

  • Reporting and communicating on client’s approach and impact.

Required skills and experience

1. Knowledge

  • A Master’s degree relevant for the role.

  • An environmentally-focused qualification and/or agronomic training is preferred.

2. Experience

  • More than 5 years’ experience in a commercial (supply chain) environment.

  • Experience working in, or directly with, private sector entities in relevant sectors and supply chains (e.g. palm oil, rubber, soy, cattle, forestry, cocoa, coffee etc.) in an emerging markets environment.

  • Knowledge and practical experience in applying or guiding the application of sustainability tools and standards in supply chains or agricultural projects (certification, NDPE policy setting, traceability etc.) and general ESG risk assessment (IFC Performance standards).

  • Excellent understanding of MRV tools and methodologies (including experience

    with remote sensing technologies).

  • (Preferred) Experience working in Latin America or SE Asia.

3. Skills

  • Ability to work autonomously and pro-actively in a globally decentralized team with a variety of cultures.

  • Strong project management skills.

  • A client-service attitude with an understanding of how to create synergies between sustainability and business objectives.

  • Analytical skills and ability to formulate complex issues suitable for a diversity of stakeholders and cultures comfortable in a start-up environment.

Most importantly:

The candidate should bring enthusiasm, tenacity, and a proactive and innovative mindset to contribute meaningfully to building SAIL Ventures as a business, and an intrinsic motivation to realise sustainable commercial investments for the client’s and investors SAIL advises.

SAIL offers a working environment with a highly competent, driven team as well as a diverse range of partner organizations across the globe, and the prospect of being a part of a unique venture in the sustainability space.

Fluency in English is a prerequisite, Spanish and/or Portuguese is highly desirable. Bahasa and/or French is beneficial.

This role is expected to be located in The Netherlands, with a localisation in other focus areas of Sail’s business being a possibility.

SAIL welcomes applications from all candidates fitting the profile and ability to work in the EU/Netherlands.

Please submit your CV and a short cover letter addressed to Michael Schlup using Please note that all information received will be treated as strictly confidential and not shared externally.

The deadline for application is 15 February 2019, after which you will receive feedback from us on your application within 10 business days.