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Operations Director


Background & General Description

SAIL Ventures (“SAIL”) is a boutique investment advisory firm based in the Netherlands and focused on generating sustainable returns over the long-term for its clients and investors (www.sailventures.com).

SAIL is the Investment Advisor for the &Green Fund (www.andgreen.fund) which has a mission to catalyze scalable investments into environmentally & socially sustainable commodity production, that is directly or indirectly linked to forest protection, within tropical forest regions. The open-ended Fund currently has USD 127 million of capital committed. The investor base is a mix of public and private sector institutional contributors, with the Norwegian government and Unilever Group as anchor investors.

SAIL’s role as Investment Advisor includes originating, structuring and executing on all transactions for the Fund, and then monitoring the Fund’s portfolio of investments. Furthermore, SAIL is responsible for all capital raising together with the Board of Directors and supports the Board in managing the governance structure of the fund – including service providers - and all investor relations.

Beyond &Green, SAIL is looking into a few other opportunities to raise funds for climate change investments globally, whether in support of an institutional client specifically or as a stand-alone facility or fund.

SAIL is a firm with an inclusive culture where integrity, humility and curiosity are values it lives through its daily principles. Just as in our investment strategy, we take a long-term view on staff, aiming to hire ambitious, engaged people who are interested in being part of a big idea but then also sticking the course to see real on-the-ground results delivered.

SAIL is currently hiring an Operations Director to lead its compliance, regulatory, financial and risk management operations, and to oversee all administrative matters. Furthermore, the Operations Director will play a key role in fundraising and the setting up of new facilities as SAIL grows.

Key tasks

  1. Financial & Operational Planning

    • Play a key role in the development, monitoring and implementation of strategic business plans for SAIL.

    • Develop financial, legal and tax strategies as needed for existing and new projects.

    • Manage the capital requests and budgeting processes for SAIL as well as for the contract’s being managed by SAIL.

    • Support the Chief Investment Officer in portfolio management of existing Funds/Facilities.

  2. Financial & legal management

    • Manage corporate governance, human resources and compliance matters.

    • Oversee the issuance of all financial information and reporting for SAIL and its Funds.

    • Review and approve all required regulatory filings.

    • Manage the relationship with all external accounting and legal firms acting as service providers for projects being managed by SAIL and for SAIL itself.

    • Assess all financial regulatory requirements for SAIL in the Netherlands and other countries of operation.

    • Procurement and contract management for a wide range of service providers.

    • Maintain all banking relationships of SAIL and the Fund’s it manages.

  3. Funding

    • Play an active role with SAIL’s leadership in fundraising for projects SAIL is working on. This includes engagement with public and private investors.

Required Skills & Experience

  1. Knowledge

    • A relevant degree, as well as an MBA or other tertiary business education from a reputable university.

    • CA, CFA or CAIA is beneficial.

    • Commercial legal or accounting experience would be beneficial.

  2. Experience

    • More than five years of progressively responsible experience in the private sector, mainly in an operational role is required.

    • More than 2 years’ practical experience working for a regulated investment Fund in a compliance or similar role.

    • An understanding of the Dutch financial industry, AFM and specifically Dutch GAAP is useful.

    • Experience in a startup or in an entrepreneurial role will be beneficial.

  3. Skills

    • Strong problem-solving skills & mentality, i.e.  a ‘can-do’ attitude to taking on new things and constantly learning the best ways to increase efficiency for the company.

    • Ability to work autonomously and pro-actively in a globally decentralized team with a variety of cultures.

    • Experience working with internal executives and high-ranking representatives of clients/investors.

    • An existing network in the investment community is an advantage.

    • Intercultural negotiation and presentation skills.

    • Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

    • Strong oral and written communication skills.

Most importantly:

The candidate should bring enthusiasm, tenacity, and a proactive and innovative mindset to contribute meaningfully to building SAIL Ventures as a business, and an intrinsic motivation to realise sustainable commercial investments for the client’s and investors SAIL advises.

SAIL offers a working environment with a highly competent, driven team as well as a diverse range of partner organizations across the globe, and the prospect of being a part of a unique venture in the sustainability space.

Fluency in English is a prerequisite, and Dutch a strong benefit. The role is fulltime. SAIL offers a competitive salary, flexible working hours and social benefits, including 6 weeks paid holiday annually.

SAIL welcomes applications from all candidates fitting the profile and ability to work in the EU/Netherlands.

Please submit your CV and a short cover letter addressed to Johnny Brom using hr@sailventures.com. Please note that all information received will be treated as strictly confidential and not shared externally.

The deadline for application is 15 February 2019, after which you will receive feedback from us on your application within 10 business days.