Graduate Interns - Investments & Sustainability



SAIL Ventures (“SAIL”) is a boutique investment advisory firm based in the Netherlands and focused on generating sustainable returns over the long-term for its clients and investors (

SAIL is the Investment Advisor for the &Green Fund ( which has a mission to catalyze scalable investments into environmentally & socially sustainable commodity production, that is directly or indirectly linked to forest protection, within tropical forest regions. The open-ended Fund currently has USD 127 million of capital committed. The investor base is a mix of public and private sector institutional contributors, with the Norwegian government and Unilever Group as anchor investors.

SAIL’s role as Investment Advisor includes originating, structuring and executing on all transactions for the Fund, and then monitoring the Fund’s portfolio of investments. Furthermore, SAIL is responsible for all capital raising together with the Board of Directors and supports the Board in managing the governance structure of the fund – including service providers - and all investor relations.

Beyond &Green, SAIL is looking into a few other opportunities to raise funds for climate change investments globally, whether in support of an institutional client specifically or as a stand-alone facility or fund.